Mary Beirne       Counselling & Psychotherapy Service           - For Individuals, Couples and Adolescents

About Me

I have always had an interest in human behaviour and how our thoughts and feelings influence how we act and behave.

My background is in nursing, with over 20 years experience working as a nurse with the HSE.

In 2000 I returned to study and was awarded a BA Hon’s Degree in Psychology in 2004.

This was followed by a Masters Degree in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy at DCU, Dublin in 2007.

Since then I have worked as a therapist, gaining experience in working with individuals, couples and teenagers.

From 2007 until  2017,  I was employed as a sessional couple and individuals psychotherapist  with Relationships Ireland (formely MRCS)

In 2009 I completed training in the Teen-Between Service and have worked  as a teen counsellor since.

I opened my own practice  in 2011 and currently see clients privately in Ashbourne  Co Meath and Dublin. 

Last year I became an  accredited IACP and cross-professional Clinical Supervisor.

My Philosophy

I believe that we are all uniquely different and so we make our own individual reality. How we see the world depends on who we think we are,  and also on the relationship we have with ourselves.

We are all influenced by what past experiences have taught us. It  determines  how we think, feel and behave in our everyday lives and how we interact with others. 

I truely believe we can only accept others to the degree that we can actually accept ourselves.

People usually come to counselling because they are having difficulties or are unhappy with some aspect of their lives and want to explore how to go about changing things.
Personal growth and change happens when we have the courage to look inwards and evaluate our thought processes, emotions, personality traits and past experiences.
This may involve gently questioning and changing  old beliefs and ways of doing things.

If we can do this there is the potential for real change, personal growth and self acceptance. We come to a better appreciation, understanding and acceptance of the unique person that we are.

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