Mary Beirne       Counselling & Psychotherapy Service           - For Individuals, Couples and Adolescents

My Practice

It’s a big decision to come to counselling. For some it is something they have been considering for some time, while for others it’s an immediate decision in response to something that has come up suddenly. Either way it can be a stressful time. Knowing what to expect can make it a little easier

First Session

Our first meeting will be an exploratory session. This will allow you  to see what therapy is about and decide if it will be beneficial for you to continue. 

I will take some personal details and discuss confidentiality in the therapeutic relationship.

We will move on to look at your life and examine what has brought you to therapy at this time.  We will also look at what you want to achieve from sessions.

At the end of this meeting it is your decision whether to proceed further. If  you decide yes  I would normally  contract for 4 - 6 sessions after which we would review where we are.    

If I think your needs will be best met elsewhere I will offer a referral. 

Therapy may involve either short term counselling or longer term psychotherapy. This decision rests with you and what you want to achieve from the therapeutic process. 

While I am qualified in the use of psychodynamic, humanistic and cognitive behavioral approaches I mainly work humanistically, using elements of the other models where appropriate.

Services Available 

Some of the issues  worked with include relationships, separation, self esteem, personal development, confidence, bereavement, loss, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, depression, stress and anxiety.
Personal therapy for students undertaking counselling, psychotherapy and psychology courses.

Some  common problems for couples include poor communication, dealing with conflict in the relationship, sexual difficulties, infidelity, parenting problems or issues relating to extended family. Also, one or both partners may have personal issues that are impacting on the couple relationship.

Separation Counselling deals with such issues as parenting as a separated couple and the emotional impact of separation. Partners may come on their own or as a couple.

Issues such as  peer pressure, parental separation and/or conflict, bereavement,
bullying, disability, etc, can impact on young people  causing problems with self esteem, anger, confidence, depression, stress, anxiety, risk taking behavior, self harm.


Supervision provides a confidential, safe and collaborative space for anyone in the helping professions to bring difficulties, dilemmas or stuckness relating to their work. Through collaborative transformative conversation issues will be explored, reflected-on  and resolved in a professional and ethical way ensuring the safety of the client and the professional development of the supervisee.

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